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If you're open to all offices in a country when applying, how do they decide which one you will go to?

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I know a lot of people tend to have a specific city/office location they apply to, but what happens to those of us who are more country-specific and not city-specific?

For most firms (including all MBB I believe) in Germany you can choose your top 3 city choices, or just check 'Munich' if you are open to all cities. I am open to all of the cities these firms have offices in, except one or two.

From what I've heard, for interviewing generally the first round happens in one of two offices (depending what part of the country you're from), and then the second round happens in the office of your choice (presumably to check for fit within the office itself).

Can anyone shed any light on that? Would I ultimately have the decision of which city (or a pick between two where they needed more staff), or would it be more, "Okay, you passed round one, we need more staff in city Xxxx so we will send you there."?

Thanks in advance!

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Guennael replied on 09/24/2018
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

This will be largely country+company specific, but I'd expect you will generally end up in scenario 2: They need consultants in one city more than in the others, so there you go.

Have you actually asked the recruiting staff? If not, I suggest you do - there's just no downside to confirming how they will actually decide your fate :)

Good luck!

replied on 09/24/2018
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Also, such menial things as available office space comes into play, or propping up newly formed offices.

Also, some teams are based mostly out of one office (i.e. their banking practice might be in Frankfurt). So if you expressed interest in that practice or your background indicates that, you may be put there.