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If you have to choose a Marvel Character that closely represent your firm's value and image. Who would you choose?

Someone asked on Jul 19, 2018 - 3 answers

Please answer in the following fomat:

1) Choose one of the characters from below or from your own choice

a. Spider-man

b. Iron Man

c. Deadpool

d. Captain America

e. Wolverine

f. Thor

g. Dr. Strange

h. Hulk

2) Which firm are you choosing on behalf (McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Accenture, etc)

3) Why?

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Astrid replied on Jul 19, 2018

Hi there,

thanks for asking this creative and interesting question on our Consulting Q&A!

We at PrepLounge see no reason why this question shouldn't be asked on our forum. Our Q&A is here to give you the opportunity to discuss anything related to your career in consulting and of course, creative questions like this are welcome, as well.

Plus, this question might even be part of your consulting interview in form of a brain teaser!

Our team is curious to find out which Marvel character you would assign to represent your firm, and looking forward to reading more on this discussion!



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Anonymous B replied on Jul 19, 2018

consulting forum

Marcus replied on Jul 19, 2018

hi preplounge thank you for this information. pls can you give examples of companies that give this kinds of interview? i will apply to some MBB and other consultancies and i never heard that this kind of comic book question can come in the interview.