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I was invited for coffee with ATKearney what should I expect?

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Anonymous A asked on Nov 23, 2015

Hi! After a campus event with ATKearney one of their consultants emailed me and invited me over for coffee. The consultant said in the email that he could tell me more about ATKearney and the application process.

How should I approach a coffee interview/conversation? I want to get a real interview out of this. Any suggestions as to what I ask the consultant?

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replied on Nov 23, 2015
Bain & Co Manager and interviewer / Former A.T. Kearney / INSEAD MBA


From what you described it seems like the consultant liked your profile so you're already on a good track.

I would use this conversation to understand the process in the office you're applying to, his view on the office and on the company overal. These three topics will help you understand practical details but also more qualitative info that would be harder to get from an HR person for instance.

Expect this interaction to be an informal conversation which means that you will probably also get some questions (I would ask them if I was him). I suggest that you browse the corporate website for the culture pillars and the vision 2020. Understanding the culture can help you understand/answer how you can be a fit and the vision will help you understand/answer why ATK is attractive.

Best regards,


Anonymous replied on Dec 13, 2015

In addition to all the good points raised by Francisco, I would just advise you to be relaxed and friendly. The coffee chats are one way to size up the 'fit' of the candidate as well.

Francisco gave the best answer


Bain & Co Manager and interviewer / Former A.T. Kearney / INSEAD MBA
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