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I have an upcoming interview with Siemens Management Consulting. Has anyone interviewed with them before?

Siemens Siemens Management Consulting
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omar asked on Nov 30, 2019

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Anonymous replied on Dec 02, 2019

Hi Omar,

SMC is an in-house consulting of Siemens. Therefore, their focus lies on everything what Siemens does in the region (they are pretty strong in transportation and energy in particular).

They are currently growing very fast in the ME.

I had an offer from them in Germany some time ago, but decided to go with a top tier company.

You will have at least two rounds of interviews:

  1. consisting of 3 interviews (1 personal fit & 2 cases). If you are good, you'll be invited to the 2nd round
  2. consisting of a group case or 2 interviews (depending on how many candidates are left after the first round). If you are good as well, you'll have a partner talk to negotiate your conditions.

If you have any further question or need help in preparations, write me a pm.



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replied on Dec 04, 2019
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Hi Omar,

I helped several people for Siemens Consulting in the last year; questions tend to be related to:

  • Profitability, revenues and cost cases
  • Knowledge of Siemens, its revenue model and the industries where it is present
  • In some offices, there is a role play where the interviewer acts as client presenting a challenge

Hope this helps,