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I Failed Mckinsey PST, What To Do Now??

Alex asked on May 21, 2019

Hello guys!
Recently i failed Mckinsey PST test and got very upset.
I lost such a great chance to get into Mckinsey.
I am 26 year old right now, and now i have ban with a length of 2 years.
Is that worth for me to wait another 2 years and apply for same position i applied recently?
To be honest, i thought i aced the test when i got out of their office. I read on forums that you just need to score 50-60% in order to pass.
What should i do now?? 2 years seems to be very long, but on the other hand i don't want to work for any other company.

I also heard that even if you pass PST, they sitll can reject you and don't intive to interview, is tha true?

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Vlad replied on May 21, 2019
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Sounds like a joke. Why not trying BCG or Bain? What's special about McKinsey? I also think you have issues with collecting information (for some reason you prioritise only McK; You have info about the scores; if you pass PST you are actually invited).


Hi Vlad, thanks for the reply! Is Mckinsey PST that hard, or i just not cut out to pass it? i don't know, i mean everyone around me is talking about McK. Like its the most prestigious company in the world. Is 28 y/o too old for Mck? — Alex on May 21, 2019 (edited)

As I've said, you are not doing enough research. All 3 companies are good, and yes, the pass score is much higher — Vlad on May 21, 2019 (edited)

Francesco replied on May 21, 2019
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Hi Alex,

I am sorry the PST did not work out. You have a couple of options before reapplying for McKinsey:

  1. Apply for BCG or Bain. These firms are considered at the same level as McKinsey in terms of reputation. Since they are smaller, they may also offer faster growth rate compared to McKinsey in some geographies.
  2. Apply to a so-called “second tier” company. This includes Strategy&, Roland Berger, ATK, Oliver Wyman. These firms also offer very good experience and exit strategies, although in terms of prestige they are below MBB
  3. Apply to a strategy role in a major brand. A strategy role requires similar skills as the one in a consulting role, although normally applied to a vertical
  4. Apply to a major brand in a non-strategy role and do an MBA to reposition yourself before reapplying. This is the most difficult path to land a new invitation.

In terms of the PST the rumored score is 70% and if you pass it they will invite for interviews; the only option they may reject you if you passed the PST is if the same day you also do an interview and you don't pass it.

In two years you can apply for a slightly more senior position – they would probably give you between 6 months and 1 year seniority compared to the position you would have received now. If you opt for an MBA before reapplying you can apply for an associate position at McKinsey.

Hope this helps,


Anonymous A replied on May 22, 2019

Have to disagree with Francesco's first point, not true in many geographies.

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