I bombed the BCG online chat bot . Should I do this afterwards ?

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I was among the few invited to write the test for a full time consulting position from a pool of candidates for a specific practice, probably cos of my profile/resume.

But considering i bombed the test yesterday answering just 4 out of 9 questions and making math mistakes, Can I mail the recuriter to give me a chance explaining why i bombed so hard and my new foray into case interview practice and that i'm also in the Mck interview process ??


on May 06, 2021
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on May 06, 2021
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Hi Zadok,

I strongly advise you don't do that. I know its hard to accept. Wait for the official word back from HR, its not an accept/reject until you officially get one.

Take responsibility for this, learn from this, work harder, improve and ace the next interview that comes your way.

All the best.

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Alright. Thank you. It's just that I am just knowing what it takes to prepare for the case interviews. I had just 2 days to prepare for the tests and it was just like a case interview. I'm really pissed.
I understand. Move on and smash it next time.

Hi Zadok,

I'm sorry, but this can only hurt you. Especially don't name drop McKinsey to them (this is just bad form).

Unfortunately, whatever the result is, is the result - you won't be treated differently than the rest, and these tests are specifically designed to weed out people who either aren't capable or haven't adequately prepared.

Let this be a lesson that you learn from! Get studying/preparing for McKinsey so that you don't repeat this mistake. I imagine you have a short timeline, so I highly recommend you get a coach to help you navigate this as efficiently/effectively as possible.

Good luck!

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Hi Zadok,

Sorry to hear that. I would not recommend to write to HR. It won’t have any impact on results and could actually leave a bad impression. Concentrate on McKinsey and, if you have to prepare on the Imbellus, prepare for it in advance.

If interesting for you, you can find the guide + video simulation I developed for the Imbellus here:




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Sorry to hear about that, I had a similar experience with BCG back in the day.

In line with other coaches, I would advise you not to do that. They won´t give you another chance for sure unless you have a very very valid reason and can prove it (e.g., there was an earthquake in my city while I was doing the test)

Hope it helps!



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Hey there,

Agree with Francesco here. There is no benefit of reaching out now unless the reason is that you faced technical difficulties that prevented you from answering the questions or completing the test.

If not, then move on and focus on the next task at hand.

All the best with that!



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