I am up for a McK role that is operations and supply chain

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Emily asked on Jan 28, 2019
3 weeks till mckinsey 1st round

Does anyone have any examples of supply-chain cases? I was told I get management consulting cases for the first round, and supply-chain specific for the second round.

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replied on Jan 28, 2019
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The reason why you may have specific cases is that you will have the partners from SC practice on the 2nd round. Feel free to reach me for a session - happy to help you with SC cases.


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replied on Jan 28, 2019
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Hi Emily,

Great news you're up for that role. Cases on supply chain and operations are usual separate types of cases:

SC cases concern how materials arrive at the firm. They often vary in geographic scope (US / global), supplier characteristics, product specifications, cost/quality trade-offs, liabilities / vulnerabiltiies, or any combination of those.

Operations cases concern internal questions like how the firm converts raw materials into finished products, or how it conducts a specific part of the HR / Sales / Customer Service / Manufacturing function(s).

Obviously, either one can be more math intensive or more qualitative-reasoning intensive, depending on where the interviewer may try to draw blood ;) So I strongly recommend you prep for both extremes across a range of the above scenarios.

Happy to assist anytime.



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