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How would you prepare for a full-time position for BCG?

Hilal asked on Jul 22, 2017 - 3 answers
Looking for Partners to prepare for BCG


I will be graduating soon and I have been invited to BCG for an Interview (First round- Europe). I only got 20 days left and have no experience in consulting neither in interviews that are focused on case studies. I would appreciate any recommendations reagarding prep material etc.

I bought two books already, Vault Guide and Case Point, which one do you think is the better one?

Thank you !



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replied on Jul 22, 2017
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I will probably give you the best prep advice you can get in your situation. Pls reschedule the interview. You can't imagine how many people failed just because they didn't take enough prep. There is absolutely no penalty for rescheduling.

Eveyrthing else you can find in the "Resources" tab


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updated his answer on Jul 24, 2017
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Hi Hilal,

in order to properly prepare for a case interview you should mainly work on the following:

  1. Define a calendar on how to prepare
  2. Learn the basic frameworks/theory for cases
  3. Learn how to answer to the fit part (including your questions at the end for the interview)
  4. Learn how to answer to market sizing questions
  5. Practice math and graph analysis
  6. Read examples of cases
  7. Practice the cases, fit and communication skills live

Starting from zero, it is likely this will take 150-200 hours. Thus, either you are able to put 8-10 hours per day starting from today, or you would have to reschedule, as already suggested. Ideally, you want to first check which day you should have completed the preparation with the previous amount of hours/activities, and then suggest to have the interview after that day, in order not to risk to have to postpone again.

As for potential resources to use in the various steps, you can find a list at the following link:

As a side point, it would be very risky to do all the preparation focusing on one firm only; to maximize your chances to land an offer, at the bare minimum it would make sense to apply for all MBB companies; moreover, even if you are interested in MBB only, it could be a good idea to consider other consulting firms as well, since this could bring you to MBB in the long term (I know several people who joined MBB after a couple of years in RB, OW, ATK etc). Adding additional companies to your list would of course imply some more hours to be added to the previous estimated amount.

Hope this helps,



Hi Francesco thank you, this helped me a lot! — Hilal on Jul 23, 2017

Tyrion Lannister replied on Jul 22, 2017
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Dear Hilal,

I must say, I agree whole-heartedly with Vlad.

I will also go further and recommend that you ditch 'Case in Point' (is this what you meant by Case Point'), and focus more on Victor Cheng's 'Case Interview Secrets.'

As one who has used both, I would say that the value the latter imaprted to my preparatory efforts was considerably more meaningful than that by the former.

All the best in your preparatory efforts.

thank you! — Hilal on Jul 22, 2017

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