How to report a candidate for ethical dishonesty?

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Anonymous A asked on Oct 09, 2018

Hi PrepLounge Community,

I know a candidate that is applying for some of my target firms, who is highly ethically dishonest i..e lying about leadership experiences on the resume, during the Fit portion etc. While I am excited at my potential prospect of joining the target firms, I would definitely be uncomfortable if I would be working with him as well.

May I know if there is any way to bring this to the attention of the HR? Or should I leave this up to fate? Thanks.

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replied on Oct 18, 2018
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It is for sure an unmpleasant situation. My advice would be not to take any specific action to signal the person, especially if you are not part of the company as this would not seen necessary positvely - on the contrary might be perceived as an attempt to discredit the other person.
Be reassured that any inconsistencies or lies will eventually emerge during the recruiting process. In fact, any experienced interviewer could easily spot when a candidate is making up a story or skills, simply by digging further into the details of it. This is actually what actually MBB do quite often during FIT interview or as part of HR interview.
Additionally, as already said, background checks are also the norm before any offer proposal.
Therefore, if you fear that your chances of getting in one of your target company are actually less because some other candidates are making up stories / lying .. don't worry! Recruiting processes are solid enough to spot this.


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updated an answer on Oct 09, 2018
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I am just giving my personal opinion here, so take it as it is.

To be direct I don't think that this is any of your business. For sure that's unfortunate and we all want to avoid this type of persons, but on the other hand you are not even hired by the firm you are targeting, so you have litteraly no right to do so. From an exterior stand point, without proof, we could even challenge your own ethical.
Of course things would be different if you were already hired, because you'd be legitimate to bring this on the table, but for the time being you just have to let the HR do their job. FYI lots of people are trying to lie on their CV, and depending on the firm some cross check are done to make sure the right candidates are hired.



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Anonymous replied on Oct 09, 2018

Hi there,

This is unfortunate. Be careful that you have actual proof he is lying, and that this can't be pinned down to your personal views or whether you like him or not.

Deciding whether to act or not is up to you, and the magnitude/level of his "dishonesty". If you decided to act, I wouldn't call HR with your name as this may be viewed poorly and cause drama (not a good situation to be associated with your name). I see a couple courses of action:

- write an anonymous email to HR/recruiting with evidence of his lies/wrongdoing

- Find someone you know who works at the firm (i.e. a friend) and leave it to them to bring up with HR

Depending on the magnitude of the lies, it's also possible that, even if they received an offer, they would fail the background check and thus not end up joining the firm anyways.

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Anonymous B replied on Oct 09, 2018

Agree with Benjamin. It's really none of your business.

And also, the issue you concerned: lying on leadership experience during Fit portion, it is a subject that's highly highly subjective, maybe this person was telling the truth from his/her point of view.

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