How to conduct "staffing communication"?

New answer on Jul 07, 2022
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Anonymous A asked on Jul 05, 2022

Can anyone share advice on how to communicate with the staffing manager? Some specific questions I had include:

(1) As a new joiner (consultant) - should I have express a strong preference towards specific project types, or should I just be “open-minded” and willing to take on any projects?

(2) Should I express my positioning (strength / weakness) in the firm, so that the staffing manager can identify suitable projects for me?

(3) What would be some key things to flag and to ask?

Appreciate your advice!

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replied on Jul 07, 2022
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I think it´s fundamental that you are thinking strategically about this, coz it´s super important to handle the staffing correctly. 

Taking a step back, because this is paramount, which is your geography? This totally influences how much leverage you have

Hope it helps!



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replied on Jul 06, 2022
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Hi there,

In my opinion, you're missing a key thing (to your point 3): let them know what meaningful connections you have with firm leadership e.g. Associate Partners, Partners and your desire to work with them (ideally, there will also be a pull from their end).

This requires you to actually have those connections in the first place, which I regard as key to a good start. Rather than working on the ‘right’ projects or in the ‘right’ industry, you should be working with the right people.

Hope this helps! Best of luck!

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updated an answer on Jul 06, 2022
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Hi there,

First, try to approach the staffing manager as a person. Yes, they are there to help, but they get “used” far too often. When you see them in the kitchen, or the hallway, be genuinely friendly. Get to know them and build that relationship.

Additionally, network within the firm. Project Leads, Principals, etc. will ask for you if you have a strong reputation and if you know them. This takes time.

Don't expect to get everything you want in day one. The fact of the matter is your are going to initially get staffed on whatever project they feel like staffing on.

Everything after your first project is in your control (really, in your influence).

Good luck!


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