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How do you manage your mental energy throughout the case interview preparation and/or consulting job?


I need your thoughts on managing your mental energy during the case interview preparation cycle.

I am going to assume that the average person in this forum is reasonably intelligent and driven.

My question is how do you manage your mental energy during your 1-2 months that you spent focusing on the upcoming interview cycle?

No long answer please, short applicable tips only.

Thank you!

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Francesco replied on 12/31/2017
#1 Expert for coaching sessions (1700+) | Ex BCG | 850+ reviews with 100% recommendation rate

Hi Lid,

I would recommend developing evening and morning routines to maximize your preparation for a consulting interview. Below you can find some of the elements I personally find more useful in these routines:

Evening routine:

  • Go to bed 7 hour before you want to wake up. Ideally wake up early
  • No social network/computer 30 to 60 mins before going to sleep
  • Define 3 top things to do next day and allocate the time for all activities in your next day calendar trying to put the most important in early morning

Morning routine

  • 20 mins exercise
  • Cold shower
  • Meditation and writing your daily journal

Hope this helps,


Anonymous replied on 12/29/2017

3 Tips For Case Interview Prep:

-Diversify case types ( keep youself interested and brain thinking in different ways )

-Take breaks between cases, between intense case practice periods (take a few days off after a crazy study weekend)

-Make sure to do something totally different during breaks ( workout, play video games, etc ) to get awya from case practice.

Career-wise: From reading through forums:

-It seems like it is important to try and workout at least 15 minutes in a morning or evening during an engagement week at least 3x a week

-Make sure to dedicate weekends to hobbies/family/activities

-I don't have a third point lol

Hazel replied on 12/29/2017

Being self-aware and setting realistic expectations is important. Also try to peak at the right time.

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