How can I prepare for the analytical test at Roland Berger?

Anonymous A asked on Sep 20, 2018 - 2 answers

Hi RB team,

As far as I know, an analytical test is part of the interview process with RB.

Is that the case for all offices and all candidates?

And could you give me more information on the structure of the test?

Can I use a calculator?


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Nadine replied on Sep 21, 2018
Senior Consultant

Dear user,
The analytical test is part of our recruiting process for all Consulting Analyst/ Junior Consultant/ Consultant entry levels.
As already said, time pressure might be an issue, so try to be fast. But I'm sure you can do it! The test is 90 minutes and has three parts. It's a "GMAT-style" reasoning test (multiple choice) and you are not allowed to use a calculator.

Anonymous B replied on Sep 21, 2018


I've done it before, not the easiest. There is no calculator and it's like the GMAT. Time pressure is the major issue. Not sure if it's the same outside London. Practicing GMAT questions is probably your best bet.

Hope that helps.