How badly did I bomb my BCG interview?

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Anonymous A asked on Jun 04, 2021

Had a R1 with BCG for a SA position. I was interviewing with a Partner. Client was a cement manf. seeing a $300 increase in EBITDA / ton.

It was a profitability case. I began well and asked for all scoping questions correctly. It was evident that cost side was the issue and I drew out the value chain and started investigating one by one different parts of the VC.

I went through the VC but was not able to identify the cost driver issue. At the end - the interviewer told me that within Raw Materials I only enquired about the Price of raw material and did not ask about the quantity and in reality - the quantity of Raw Mat had increased.

I realised I made this mistake. Do you think there will be an R2 or is this it? I am interviewing laterally.

The partner later asked me some questions which I was able to answer correctly. He also mentioned at the end "Hope to see you join soon". I feel he was just being nice and I've done terribly.

Need some perspective here.


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Hi there,

It doesn’t look very promising. On the other hand, no one can really know for sure (but the partner!). The perception of a candidate is often subjective. You may feel you have done great and be rejected and the other way around.

In any case, trying to guess the outcome can't really help at this point. I would focus instead on the improvements you already identified and on the prep for other companies (and hopefully for the 2nd round with BCG).

Good luck!


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Hi there,

This is hard to say. You did miss a key point which shows you weren't being MECE.

That said, if you came across positively (i.e. you were coachable, thought through problems well, communicated clearly, were likeable, etc.), then this certainly wouldn't be a deal-breaker.

You do not have to solve every single aspect of a case to pass the first round, but you do need to shine in other areas.

If you do move onto the next round, make sure you work on your structured thinking and frameworking...if you had trained in this you would not have missed volume!

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Nobody can tell you so no point fretting about this. Dont read too much into what the partner said or did not say. The important thing is you know where you could do better, so work on this and perform better next time.

Wait to hear back from them & dont play this in your mind endlessly. You cant fix the past but improve in future.

Keep other options going in parallel.

All the best.

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