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Hi all, Anybody knows about A.T. Kearney Solutions practice?

New answer on Apr 11, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on Oct 02, 2019

I have got an interview invite for a specialist consultant role at the Solutions practice even though I applied for the generalist consultant role. Could you please share the differences between both roles? Thanks.

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replied on Apr 11, 2020
150+ interviews | 6+ years experience | Bain, Kearney & Accenture | Exited startup| London Business School

The solutions practice tends to be more aligned to a specific function or skillset. If you applied as a generalist and were invited to the solutions practice, it is most likely because of strong industry experience. The solutions practice generally works together with generalists and in day to day life you do notice the difference in work for consultants between the two. They are however staffed on more select projects.

Up until the manager level, the evaluation and career growth of the solutions practice are similar to those from generalist consultants. From manager onwards excelling at a specific skill/niche becomes increasingly more important for the solutions practice. The titles also start deviating from manager onwards.

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