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Hello, I am currently applying to several consulting firms, I want some opinion about my cover letter: what to add or remove to make it better. Thank you






Beirut, 6/11/2017

Subject: Looking for a job as a junior associate

To whom it may concern,

I hope this letter finds you well.

My name is X, I am currently a 5th year civil engineering student (option Buildings and Engineering management) at University name. I am hoping to finish my studies and start my career as a junior associate at Y company.

My professional experiences have allowed me to develop several skills. Indeed, as part of my first engineering year, I performed one-month training on a construction site for “Infinity Builders” . During this time I was handed many tasks but most importantly I was responsible for the workforce on site.

Additional internships have granted me the chance to learn and gain more skills. My internship at “Rafik El Khoury & Partners” helped me acquire the aptitude of working in group. I was compelled to expand my learning and communication skills in order to help the smooth progress of the work.

Alongside these internships, I held the responsibility of teaching the 9th-grade students having difficulties in maths at SSCC sioufi over the period of 9 weeks.

I am a dynamic person, always motivated to learn new things. I am energetic and up for challenges. This consulting job is very attracting to me as it reflects my personality as a person who likes to think more, challenge himself and come up with the required results.

Today I wish to find a highly evolving job allowing me to broaden the scope of my responsibilities. I am looking to integrate Y company that has proven itself as one of the best.

An interview will allow me to explain to you in details my motivations and my personality and to discover more your company.

Thank you for taking the time and considering my application.