Have you made friends in your firm?

New answer on Mar 28, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Mar 26, 2021

Due to the number of different projects during your life as a consultant, you have probably worked with a number of different people. Would you say that you have made close friends down the road? Also because of stressful projects leading to closer ties between teammates?

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Katrin replied on Mar 28, 2021
Project Manager

In my case, I can 100% yes I made great friends at TKMC. Basically, I get on very well with all of my colleagues, but there are also colleagues who I definitely count to my good friends. With these guys I also spent some of my last vacations together in the last 3,5 years.

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Denisa updated an answer on Mar 26, 2021
Senior Consultant

Also a definite yes for me! At ECON you get to meet your colleagues not only through your projects, but also various internal initiatives and fun offsites and events. Many of my colleagues have become my close friends who I hang out with on the weekends and even go for weekend trips or holidays together. The great people are one of my favorite things about the job.


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Carolin replied on Mar 26, 2021
Consultant, IT-Strategy & Digital Transformation

I can definitely say yes to that! While project work brings you definitely closer to your teammates at zeb we also have so called practise groups that serve as your 'familiy' within the company. These are the collegues that accompany you beyond projects through topic development and other internal projects. During my educational leave in 2019 some of these colleugues even visited me abroad and I would definitely call them good friends beyond the work camaraderie.

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Tamara replied on Mar 26, 2021
Senior Consultant Business Technology

Absolutely - on the one hand, you team up closely on your projects or our so-called "communities" (internal knowledge development teams). But there are plenty of other networking events as well. Especially our Young Consultant Network makes it easy to meet new people and many colleagues have already become close friends.

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