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Good resources to prepare in top management consulting firms (Roland Berger or McK)

K asked on Jan 08, 2016 - 1 answer

Do you guys know any resources that will prepare me for my job in a top tier strategy consulting firm such as RB or McK?



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replied on Jan 08, 2016
Bain / Formerly A.T. Kearney /INSEAD
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Hi Kevin,

You did not state exactly at what phase are you (newly hired, little experience, recruiting) nor your level (business analyst or associate). Given this I will just focus on what I believe are the critical basic skills for the job. If you master the first and feel comfortable with the second, you're already in a good position.

1. Analytical skills: mastering the problem structuring, the development of analysis within the structure and the building of conclusions and recommendations based on those analysis should be your focus. For this the Case interview secrets book from Victor Cheng is very good. It teaches you the problem solving process in a very practical and straightforward manner. In addition you should practice solving cases with partners. This may seem obvious but even after being hired if you sometimes feel uncomfortable or lost in projects this exercise is very valuable.

2. Analytical tools: learning the most commonly used tools to perform analysis is easy and will save you a lot of time. By basic tools I mean learning to use some features of Microsoft excel such as pivot tables and functions like vlookup, if, index, match, sumif,... Google is your friend here

Additional skills such as written communication or project management are also very important but easier to develop on the job and with multiple high quality trainings provided by those companies.

I hope this was a help, if you want to clarify your situation I can try to be more specific.



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