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Financial & Data Analysis Toolkit [Who is in?]

Anonymous A

Hi there,

I am searching for two first year strategy consultants, who are interested to learn more about Excel and to share the costs for Victor Cheng's Financial & Data Analysis Toolkit:


In case you're interested, drop a message. I know one consultant who is in, so the final price would be ~ USD 37. German consultants preferred due to payment procedure.




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Anonymous A replied on 03/04/2017


cool, let's wait for one more :)




Gianfranco replied on 12/15/2018

Hi guys, have you already bought the toolkit? I would like some feedback regarding how good is it, who is it best suited for, what level of concepts are handled...

Thanks in advance!



Anonymous D replied on 09/22/2018

Hi Tobi

I need this program. I am willing to pay the amount. Please let me know.

Anonymous replied on 05/15/2018

Hi Tobi,

are you still searching for someone to split the cost? If so, I would be happy to join!



(from Germany too :) )

Anonymous replied on 02/26/2018

Hi Tobi,

Same here. Would love to share costs. Although your post is almost a year old, I hope we can still help each other out.

Lmk:) a Dutchy


Akhil Nemani replied on 02/26/2018

Are you guys willing to share the files with me? I'd happily contribute some amount.

Anonymous B replied on 03/04/2017

Hi Tobi,

I am interested. Although, I am located in Kuala Lumpur, I hope we can use PayPal etc. for transferring the funds.

Please advise, if we can go ahaead with this.