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Do i have a chance at MBB?

Anonymous A asked on Nov 30, 2019 - 1 answer


I am about to graduate with a Master's degree from a Russel's group university, but I have a low GPA (15 CGPA on a 22 scale). I had a first-class degree in my undergraduate, and my College grades were very good as well. When it comes to professional experience, I did a 12-month internship in the operations department of my university during my undergraduate, and have been working part-time for the last two years. Realistically, do I have a shot at MBB firms?

During my masters, I had quite a few serious problems that affected my grades. If I mention mitigating circumstances will it boost my chances of getting accepted at MBB? And also is cover letter the best place to mention mitigating circumstances if the company do not have a place for it on their online application form?

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replied on Dec 03, 2019
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You have nothing to worry about: the application is not only grades and averages, but it´s considered as a wholistic thing. There are no such things as "below X GPA they don´t even consider you, they only hire the top 20% of the class, etc.". If your reasons are good, this won´t be a problem.

As you mentioned, the cover letter is the place to talk about those mitigating circumpstances that you mention.


Thank you! — Kin on Dec 10, 2019

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