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Completely new to consulting- where to start?

Anonymous A

I am a freshman at college interested in applying for consulting in a year. I wanted to know what I can start doing from now to sharpen my skills for a consulting job? I am studying Industrial Engineering and Math double major. However, what should I be doing outside academics. Is it too early to start?

Guennael replied on 12/04/2015
Ex-MBB, BCG/Bain/Experienced Hire specialist

There are 2 things you can do to prepare:

First, improve your profile. Top consultancies have formulas to decide whom to interview; you cannot change your school, but can still impact a few things: Get good grades, volunteer, demonstrate leadership...

Second, it is not too early to learn about and prepare for case interviews. Too many applicants only get serious once they receive an offer... I prepared for over 6 months and believe my experience is fairly typical. Based on your background, you should have no problem with the quant obviously but it might be hard for you to accept there may not be a single, perfect solution :)

Good luck! Guennael ex-BCG Dallas