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Anonymous A asked on Jan 25, 2022


You are the CEO of a fintech startup, Finto.AI, which transforms transaction data into behavioral financial insights. Congratulations on raising your seed financing and rounding out your team - you now have three engineers and a designer passionately delivering your vision. You've attracted the interest of several major financial institutions seeking to deliver your insights to their customers. At the same time, a proof-of-concept app that you launched to the app store is being downloaded more and more every week. Your small scrappy team doesn't have the bandwidth to do a full-scale consumer launch at the same time as building out a pilot integration with a top 5 bank. Your investors are pushing for a decision. Prepare a vision pitch that makes your investors dream and a plan that gives them confidence you can execute. ● What information do you need to make the strategic call and how will you get it? ● How will you validate that you made the right choice, directionally? ● What are the offering and the experience? Feel free to get creative. ● What prioritization principles are you applying to sequence the work? ● What leap of faith assumptions are you making that absolutely have to be true for your plan to succeed

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replied on Jan 25, 2022
Former BCG Con and political advisor here to help you crack the case (MBB, Europe & MidEast, non-business backgrounds)

Thank you for sharing this case study. If you are looking for feedback, feel free to post your approach/solution, and other coaches and myself will happily comment.

You cannot expect coaches to come here and solve the case for you.

Note, from my perspective, this is also a very atypical case that you probably would not encounter in a traditional MBB consulting interview. 



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replied on Jan 26, 2022
MBB | 100% personal interview success rate (8/8) and 95% candidate success rate | Personalized interview prep

Hi there,

I'm sorry but what exactly do you want us to do with this?

If you're looking for a framework feel free to propose one and we can comment on it!

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replied on Jan 26, 2022
Unearth your spike & get the offer |ex-McKinsey | 120+ coachings & interviews @ McKinsey | ESADE MBA | Transition Expert

You lost me at “You are the CEO” :) 

Not a case you would expert for a consulting interview for obvious reasons.

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Stephan gave the best answer


Former BCG Con and political advisor here to help you crack the case (MBB, Europe & MidEast, non-business backgrounds)
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