Best time to send networking request email in a Work From Home era

Anonymous A asked on May 30, 2021

Hello guys, I'm curious on your views on this topic. What would be the best ime to send a networking request email to a partner/MD? My original thought was Weekend afternoon might be a good timing. Emails sent on weekdays probably would get deprioritized or missed in tons of other work related emails. Thanks in advance!

on Jun 08, 2021
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on Jun 08, 2021
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In all honesty, you're overthinking this. If they're busy they might not respond. This happens. But these guys didn't get to their Partner/MD position by systematically not responding to emails that they get on a Friday.

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Hello there!

I recommend you to sent emails at the beginning of the week or in the middle. Preferable time early morning and early afternoon in the middle of the week. 
obvsioulsy no guarantees that you will get into the right time or day.

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Hi there,

I think this is a great question.

If you look at the data around this, the highest response times come from emails send Tuesday morning (not too early...i.e. around 10/11am) and Wednesday morning/early afternoon.

In the consulting world I might at that Friday mornings would be optimal as well, as people are normally sorting out their "chores" (i.e. logging hours, expenses, catching up with people, etc.)

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