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Avinoam (Avi) asked on Sep 04, 2019

I'm making decisions about which MBA school I want to go to and my goal is to get into consulting. MBB would be awesome but I'd be fine with any major firm. Let's assume for this question MBB is a long shot so we're aiming for practicality. McGill's MBA costs $83,000 and it comes with McGill brand name recognition and this year they will be offering a one year program so reduced opportunity cost. HEC montreal cost $8000 has a great reputation in Quebec and Canada. but not much more than that. If I want to get a job at a good consulting firm ideally in Montreal area (Maybe Toronto) will McGill really increase my chances significantly, that it's worth investing $75000 more or would it be a better choice to go to HEC. I've left JMSB out of the equation but feel free to add your two cents on JMSB if you think it has value add.

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Anonymous replied on Sep 18, 2019

Hi Justin,

the truth is that it does not make any significant difference whether you go for McGill or HEC. MBB and other big players shall visit both schools for recruiting sessions with candidates during the academic year.

What is way more important - you overall profile, achievements, academic notes and your ability to crack the case during the interview. So practice, practice, practice!

Good luck,


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replied on Dec 31, 2020
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I would recommend you to have a look at the classical international rankings (Poets & Quants, Financial Times, etc.) Not only will you find the rank, but also useful info of what is behind it.



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