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Bain Online Test

Bain BAIN test Online Tests
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Anonymous A asked on Nov 01, 2015

Hi, I would be glad if any of you can share your experience with Bain's Online Test. Any preparation sources that you found useful, number of questions and time allocated, etc. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you :)

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Anonymous replied on Nov 08, 2015


As far as I know, the Bain Online Test (at least for South America office) is separated in two parts: 1/ "gmat type" questions 2/ business case.

The first part includes the critical reasoning, the data sufficiency and the problem solving. There is no secret here. The more you prepare, the faster and the more confident you will be in the test day.

The business case is only mulitple choice questions. The most important thing is to be able to analyze and interpret charts. If you google it, you'll find material to prepare for it.

Hope it helps, if you want pm me,


Anonymous E replied on May 24, 2018

I just took the Bain online test for SEA office. Thought I would share the info here because I was struggling to find information prior to the test.

Test had 2 parts:

1. One-way video interview - Question is displayed, you get 5 minutes to prepare an answer and 2 minutes to record the answer. 3 questions - one case structure, one general economic climate, one soft skills based on team work

2. 25 MCQ for 50 minutes - Format is quite identical to BCG potential test. I practiced with some sample potential tests and they really helped. The charts are not very clear in terms of scale and there were quite a few math questions based on charts. But overall, the biggest challenge is time. I felt like I was guessing for quite a number of questions but I'm hoping it's not a deal breaker since it's an online test that you can take at home



Udit on Dec 06, 2018
Hi Raj, I have the Bain pre-screening tests in the next 4 days.. Do you mind sharing few materials to prepare for the tests ?..
moles on Feb 13, 2019
Hi Raj! Thanks for sharing - were you allowed a calculator during the test?
Anonymous updated the answer on Oct 13, 2017

You should look for online resources on GMAT / McKinsey PST. Work hard on sample tests. As a starting point, PrepLounge has a good coverage of online tests on its bootcamp:

These tests are all about speed & efficiency -> the more you practice the better your result is. However, please balance well your preparation effort. The Personal Fit Interview and the Case Study themselves should take at least 80% of your prep time.




Anonymous replied on Dec 05, 2018

Hey there,

If you let me know what office, perhaps I can provide some advice In London, the onlien test is very different from what Thomas describes.

would be happy to help!

Yl on Dec 10, 2018
Hi Alessandro,
cindy on Oct 01, 2019
Hi Alessandro, I have to do an online test with Bain for the London office. Completely new to this, please advise how to approach. Thank you!
Iris on Dec 03, 2019
Hi Alessandro, I also have an online test with Bain London. Are you able to give me some advise? Thank you.


Anonymous F replied on Oct 04, 2020

I recently completed the Bain online test and passed. It had 25 MCQ that you had to complete in 50 minutes. The content was basically 3 cases with 7-8 questions each. Be prepared to analyze a lot of complex Bain style charts. It mainly tested math skills, but also structured problem-solving. One tip I wish I knew before taking the test: You won't be able to come back to previous questions after you've moved on to the next. Good luck!

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replied on May 28, 2020
McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut


To add on top of previous comments, in a nutshell: very similar to GMAT, use that to prep!



Manda replied on Mar 29, 2020

Hi everyone, I've been invited to do the numerical online test by Bain and instructed to not use a calculators. I would really appreciate it if I could get some practice tests and also find out if anyone knows how many online tests do you need to complete before you have your first (face to face) interview. I did the first online assessment last week and I am supposed to do the numerical assessment tomorrow. (Johannesburg office)

Anonymous H on Mar 30, 2020
What sort of online assessment? In my case I had one numerical assessment (through HireVue - it was not difficult) and three video interview questions (one brainstorming/structuring, two behavioral). Within 2 working days I was given a notification whether I pass, and if yes then they will immediately proceed for first round interviews.
Anonymous I on Jun 01, 2020
Thanks Anonymous C - what kind of brainstorming/structuring type question was it?
Anonymous replied on Jul 09, 2020

Hello A!

BCG test includes 23 questions and you will be given about 45 minutes to complete it. This means you will have two minutes to solve each question on average.

The BCG online case is very similar to a regular case the only difference being that your direction in the business case is guided by the questions being asked. So it will be similar to an "interviewer-led" case format. There are a lot of resources online for case solving and all you need to do is Google. If you want to sharpen your case skills in general I would recommend Victor Cheng's Case Interview Secrets by Victor Cheng and his book.

However, since the BCG Online Case is also a single-choice test, you can also use this format to your advantage. You’ll receive+3 points for correct answers and -1 for wrong answers. Currently, the inofficial cut-off score is below 70-75%.

Message me if you have any other specific questions and all the best!