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New answer on May 17, 2022
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Timothy asked on May 17, 2022
Not recruiting right now.

Hi everyone,

My girlfriend is interviewing for a Bain Specialist Consultant role. She is a 10+ year industry hire and she was approached for a role in the Commercial Excellence practice.

What is a Specialist Consultant's role on the engagement team? Are they involved from pursuit of opportunity to delivery of recommendations, or do they come in at a kind of Phase II/implementation stage?

Who do Specialist Consultants work with on a day to day basis? Delivery Teams in India or in the strategy teams in the US?

What should she know about the CoroSM business unit and its interplay with Commercial Excellence roles?

Anything is appreciated!!

Thank you,


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Anonymous replied on May 17, 2022

Hi there, 

I am an experienced hire myself and experienced/experts are used as generalist: from proposal up to implementation, but their value is more on content, bringing client perspective, bridging the conversation between consulting and clients and developing new ideas and content creation. Also you will work on the industries/functions you know to maximize the impact. 

To find out more I invite you to check this article that can answer some of your questions:

Good luck!


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