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Anonymous A asked on Apr 11, 2018 - 4 answers

Hi PrepLounge, I've accepted an MBB offer and they are currently going through background checks. Does anyone know if any one of the following could be a deal-breaker? If so, is there any way to address it? (Asking for a friend)

- Driving under influence record

- Rounding second decimal of GPA

- Toxic boss's bad reference

- Previous bankruptcy

- Legal suit (but won)

- Detained for questioning by police but released within 48 hours

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Anonymous replied on Apr 11, 2018


You can have your offer revoked if it gets clear that you lied somewhere in your CV/motivation letter or, in some cases, if you have a criminal record involving some topics that may affect directly the firm.

Btw, you have an amazing track record so far lol


replied on Apr 12, 2018
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They do it after the interview:

  1. HR will check your transcripts after you get the offer
  2. Security service will check your background, if you have equities in other companies, employment records, etc. They may call prior employers undercover to check some info, but they will be just checking the details of your employment, not your performance.

In your case, the most critical I guess may be the bad reference so think carefully which reference contacts you provide


replied on Apr 12, 2018
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Unless you lied on your applicstion about your encounters with authorities, you are good to go with minor issues like these.


Anonymous B replied on Apr 11, 2018

Hi mate, not sure about this but had a friend who left a company to join MBB (ex company was involved in fraud, big news in my city) and although he was in the internal finance team of the company that defrauded investors, he was fine. Having said that, curious to hear if anyone has had offers rescinded? If so, what grounds were they on?

Ps: "asking for a friend" absolutely cracked me up