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Anonymous A asked on Sep 22, 2019

Now this is a somewhat generic question but here we go: Does anyone have any location-specifics about ATK in the US? I know SFO is focused on tech, NY likely more PE work, and CHI lots of automotive/sourcing etc. How about the Atlanta office? Anyone know whether these offices are growing or shrinking? And given the option to pick your location, what should be more important: the practice I want to focus on and have access to the higher leadership of that practice or where I want to live? Thanks!

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replied on Apr 11, 2020
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The offices are somewhat fluid, meaning that travel is usually involved and people are sourced from different offices. For more junior members the office/city is less relevant because of that. In terms of what to focus on, I would focus on higher leadership of that practice. The larger offices tend to have more exposure to the practices (also the smaller ones) and leadership. In turn, it is easier to network your way in a practice and get a better understanding of their needs. Lastly, career progression tends to be best for the larger offices, so therefore focussing on NY or CHI would make the most sense.

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