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Hi, is it OK for BCG that a candidate applies for office B when already having an interview invitation from office A?

My situation: I am a part-time MBA candidate graduating in 2019. I applied my local BCG office (office A) several month ago as an experienced professional and was told that they would like to interview with me in November this year (schedule will be determined in October). At the same time, I would also like to apply for an office (office B) in my home country as an MBA candidate during the campus recruiting.

My question: if I apply for office B during the campus recruiting, will BCG withdraw the interview invitation of office A?

Thank you all!

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replied on Sep 13, 2018
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I would not submit a second application as the global recruiting system will very likely identify and reject your profile.

Instead, I would get in touch with the BCG Team during the campus event AND/OR the Office A Team (depending on your case) to explain your situation/motivation to change.

I can imagine three potential reasons to re-apply to a different location (there might be more):

  1. You want to increase your chances to get an offer by interviewing at 2 offices – this one is not going to work; their recruiting system is global and once you are in (and do not get an offer) you cannot re-apply during the cooldown period (18/24 months)
  2. During your first application, you specified location B as your first preference but got only invited to location A for an interview in November (which I assume was your second/third choice) – this means that location B rejected your profile a few months ago and ‘passed’ it to location A; chances are, location B needs more consultants of your profile now…you could give it a shot by getting in touch with the recruiting team during the campus event
  3. You changed your mind and now prefer location B – I am sure that the recruiting team will happily assist you on this one; be prepared to give them a good explanation/motivation

I hope this helps,



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Donmging on Sep 13, 2018

Thank you so much Jacopo! I am considering re-applying because of reason #3. I'll prepare to talk with the recruiting team and see how it goes.

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Project leader BCG, Bain and A.T. Kearney / 200+ real interviews
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