Analytics consulting or tech consulting - future prospects and exit ops?

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New answer on Jul 26, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Jul 26, 2021

Hey there! I am currently an in-house data analyst and I'm looking to find a job in consulting. I'm looking at Analytics and Tech consulting positions.  My current experience and skill set is definitely more on the analytics consulting side. It'll give me a higher chance of getting into the companies I want to try out for but I am afraid it'll be very narrow and be stuck in the data field. (The position for analytics is in the ~data-driven team~)

I have also had some (but very little) experience with system intergration and system engineering, in house for my current company.

Putting aside which one I want to do, what are some future prospects and exit ops for tech consulting? 

Which would you recommend for someone starting out in consulting?

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replied on Jul 26, 2021
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Hi there,

Honestly, this is hard to say and fits more in the realm of career consulting - to get the best advice, you should meet through a coach to truly dive into your goals, ambitions, options, etc.

If you can summarize (very succintly), what it is you want and what exact companies you are looking at, we can help you more!

That said, my general advice is:

  1. Define very clearly what you want
    1. What you want to do in terms of day-to-day work
    2. The types of people you want to be around
    3. Your values
  2. Pair this up with both the industry AND set of companies you're looking at...make sure they match!
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replied on Jul 26, 2021
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Can you please post your CV or provide more infor on your background?! Based on what you have written its very hard to give pointed advice.

Tech consulting is a huge area covering - cloud, ERP, IT M&A and many other areas. Is this a fit or are you wanting to explore this further?

Similar analytics consulting covers data management & governance, data platform/architecture etc.

Data is the future and by no means you are going to be "stuck". Pretty much every role out there now requires certain level of Data Analytics ability. So you can go places in this domain.

Please do some research and have a look at jobs for these two areas and understand the skills required. Accenture is a leader in this space so check them out.

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