Career & Job Application at MOONROC

Career & Application at MOONROC

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Marketing, IT, M&A, Sales, Strategy
Public Sector, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Transportation/Logistics


MOONROC is a leading boutique consultancy with an holistic consulting approach covering all industries. It supports clients making the most important strategic decisions and helps implementing derived initiatives. MOONROC's core values in daily work include quality, engagement and sincerity. These values form the foundation of each client relationship.


Career at MOONROC

From the base camp to the peak. It is your journey, that we will walk together. We will ensure that you have the right equipment to master every cliff in order to arrive safely and securely at the peak.

Your work at MOONROC is characterized by individual responsibility from day one. This does not apply solely to working on a project. You will also participate in the iternal development of the MOONROC brand and will be asked to showcase your entrepreneurial skills.

If you decide to pursue a career at MOONROC, you will become part of the team and your development contributes to our mutual success. In order for you to learn how to conquer mountains, regular trainings are part of your work. 

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