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Industrial Goods, Information and Media, Life Sciences, Private Equity, Technology, Trade and consumer goods

About EY-Parthenon

EY-Parthenon is a strategy consultancy, committed to bringing unconventional yet pragmatic thinking together with our clients’ smarts to deliver actionable strategies for real impact in today’s complex business landscape. We create a custom approach tailored to each client’s unique situation and bring extensive business experience with proven analytical techniques that lead to high-impact and actionable insights.

Career at EY-Parthenon

EY-Parthenon sustains a culture that is collaborative, supportive and a formidable venue for creative and analytical thinkers to solve our clients’ greatest challenges. And the best by-product — our people enjoy coming into work each day to work side by side with their peers. EY-Parthenon is just a fun place to work. Our secret to being one of the top consultancies to work for is about our recruiting of professionals who meet three seemingly simple criteria: Smart. Nice. Driven. 

When you start as an associate, through formal and on-the-job training and mentoring, you will acquire valuable analytical, interpersonal, and leadership skills that will not only make you effective in your role, but will equip you with expertise applicable to any career you choose to pursue. The combination of EY-Parthenon's non-hierarchical environment and flexible staffing model enables associates to take initiative and drive their EY-Parthenon experience by their interests and desire to learn.

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