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Frequently Asked Questions
We are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions.
How do I find a suitable case interview partner?
To find a suitable case interview partner, it helps to apply filters and make use of the search bar. You can select your partner's case experience, the number of coaching sessions already attended by your partner, the language in which you want to conduct the case interview or locations. This way you can ensure that your case interview partner fits your needs.
My language or location is not included.
Please try again by entering your language or location in the search bar. With over 250,000 case partners worldwide, almost all languages and countries are represented on PrepLounge. The filter options give you only the choice among the most common languages and locations. We are sure that you will find what you are looking for via the search function. If there may still be something missing, please contact us.
What does "reliability" mean?
The reliability is based on the number of completed meetings, no-shows, short-term meeting cancellations and whether your case partner indicated that you were late for a meeting or left a meeting after the first round. „N/A“ means that we don‘t have enough data about this member to be able to make a statement about her/his reliability.
What does "skilled", "proficient" or "certified“ mean?
The coachee badge is awarded to candidates who have participated in expert coaching sessions (skilled: 1-2, proficient: 3-5, certified: 6+ coachings). If you have also taken part in coaching sessions yourself, this filter helps you to find other qualified candidates.
What is the process of a mock interview? What can I expect?
  • Schedule meeting: After you and your case partner have confirmed the mock interview, the meeting is set and should be visible on your dashboard.
  • Communication: We recommend that you contact your case partner directly to determine the type of communication during the interview (e.g. PrepLounge, Skype) and case preferences.
  • Interview: During the back-to-back-meeting, you take turns with your case partner to take the candidate role and the interviewer role.
  • Case Selection: Two PrepLounge cases will be selected randomly but you can also change them to one of our other 200+ cases from our Case Library or use your own case.
  • Feedback: This is the most important part of your mock interview to improve yourself. Please give useful feedback to your case partner. You want her/him to do the same!
How do I prepare for my mock interview as an interviewee?
It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the general process of case interviews before attending a meeting for the first time. We recommend you go through our Case Interview Basics to learn the theory and our Case Library to solve your first cases. Please log in five minutes before your session starts to get access to the meeting room in time.
How do I prepare for my mock interview as an interviewer?
The role of the interviewer is to guide the interviewee through the case. It is therefore very important to read and prepare the case in advance. This means, that you need to familiarize yourself with the problem and the proposed approach. When the meeting is confirmed, you will have access to the meeting room where you can select the case.

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