Identify your Case Type

Market Sizing

This guide includes everything you need to know about market sizing questions! Market Sizing Practice Questions ✔ Frameworks ✔ Examples ✔

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Market Entry

Market Entry Strategy Frameworks may be a great solution to apply in your Case Interview if your client is searching for growth alternatives.

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Profitability Case

Learn profitability frameworks and how to solve profitability consulting cases - the most frequently used case types during consulting case interviews.

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Growth Strategy

Growth questions are among the most common questions in consulting case interviews: gather the necessary Information about volume and price to find the best growth lever

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions are often the answer to broader problems introduced in your Case interviews. Analyze feasibility, assets, target, and industry to crack the Merger & Acquisition case

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Competitive Response

In a competitive response case study, your job is either to analyze what your client should do in response to a move performed by a major competitor or to anticipate what competitors will do in response to a move performed by the client

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Pricing case studies can either stand alone or be a part of another case study. You can crack pricing Case Interview in three steps: Investigate the company; Investigate the product; Choose a pricing strategy

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Valuation case studies require you to estimate how much a firm, patent, or service is worth. For these cases, use the Discounted Cash Flow method or the Industry multiple method.

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Brain Teasers

Learn how to tackle brain teasers and what purpose they serve in consulting case interviews

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