The McKinsey Case Method

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1. I am the #1 rated McKinsey coach since the first month of starting on PrepLounge and have kept that spot ever since

  • My approach is effective and works, which is why even other coaches on PrepLounge have bought my McKinsey-specific products and copied elements of my coaching approach to guide their own efforts.
  • Working with me gives you 5 times the average success rate for McKinsey, as I have helped more than 120 people to get a McKinsey offer in the last 1.5 years. I am not talking about offers for other consulting firms but just McKinsey, the hardest firm to get in.
  • With 5 years at McKinsey, I know the recruiting process inside and out. I can help you ace the case interview and the Personal Experience Interview exactly like McKinsey wants you to succeed.
  • My coachees continuously receive feedback that they seem to be much better prepared than other candidates, sometimes even skipping the final round.


2. I conduct between 30 to 40 McKinsey interviews per month, for all countries and roles

  • I coach and interview everyone, from internship to full-time positions, from (Junior) Business Analysts to Associate Partners, and from graduate hires to experienced hires.
  • You won't find a more updated, focused, and global perspective on McKinsey recruiting and interviews.
  • That is also why I have been officially selected to provide my insights by PrepLounge about the McKinsey Case Interview ( and the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview (


3. You will learn how to think and communicate like a McKinsey consultant and not rely on pre-learned frameworks that would only hurt your performance in the real case

  • I focus on a replicable approach and effective problem-solving and idea generation strategies.
  • Interviewing and coaching 100s of candidates, I have developed a system to tackle every McKinsey case and question type successfully, regardless of the context, industry, or functional expertise.
  • On top of a systematic approach to cases, I teach you effective problem-solving techniques to come up with creative answers for structure and brainstorming questions, interpret charts the right way (including the typically hidden insights), and succeed in the quantitative section of the case.


4. I support you during the whole journey and beyond

  • Our sessions do not have a time limit and I won't ‘sell’ you additional sessions.
  • My cases are 2x as long as the typical McKinsey case interview, which will give you more opportunity to practice and me more observation points for feedback. Each session you book with me is the equivalent of two normal sessions.
  • We take as long as we need to get through the case, your questions, and the detailed feedback and scoring part (which is often longer than the case itself).
  • It does not end with the session. You receive in-depth feedback on the case, tailored improvement advice, free practice materials, further resources, and a scoring sheet after every session.
  • Mentorship throughout. In between sessions and even after you have received the offer, I provide support and am available for questions of all kinds, usually responding within 1 hour during the day. I am doing this full-time since I left the firm and I am invested in your success!
  • I regularly advise candidates to cancel remaining sessions if their performance is already at the required level and I feel that an additional session would not be needed. I am interested in your success and not your money.


5. I merge your needs with what counts for McKinsey preparation

  • We structure the sessions as you like according to your preferences and needs.
  • We take the cases from my large library of proprietary, real McKinsey cases across industries and functions, both typical business cases as well as more creative cases that are increasingly employed during the interviews, covering up-to-date topics such as COVID, sustainability, etc., all with the real associated evaluation metrics.
  • Also, I am happy to prepare tailored cases to fit your requirements (based on real McKinsey case standards).


6. After the first session, you receive a detailed and tailored preparation plan, practice materials, and introductions to my other coachees 

  • I want to make sure that you use your practice time most effectively, spending time only on the most important items using high-quality materials, and practicing only with other qualified and tested candidates.
  • After every session, we jointly adjust your preparation plan.


7. The program includes my Solve Game Guide and my MBB math course for free

  • Receive my McKinsey Solve Game Guide (more than 100 pages + Excel templates + video tutorials) [VALUE OF EUR 64], which has helped more than 4,500 candidates since November 2019 (the first on the market) and is based on the feedback of more than 320 test-takers.
  • Get access to my Case Interview Math Mastery Program (20-part video course and 2,000 practice examples) [VALUE OF EUR 89].




    • You will learn all you need already in the first session and from then on focus on what to improve and how to improve. We optimize your preparation together and get you on the right track from the start.
    • You will have access to all materials needed to practice on your own as well as to my other coachees, not wasting any time going through low-quality cases or unprepared case buddies. I will connect you with my network of coachees, who also prepare for McKinsey interviews to make sure you spend your valuable time practicing only with other strong candidates.
    • You will work with a tailored preparation plan in-between sessions to build your baseline score by uplifting your weaknesses and work on your strengths to get the offer based on each session's feedback.
    • Whenever you have a question in-between sessions, feel free to reach out right away. During the day I usually answer within 1 hour. My goal is that whenever you feel stuck in your preparation that you get to the right answer quickly and can move forward from there without losing time.


    • Practice with real McKinsey-like cases, real McKinsey-like feedback, and a real McKinsey interviewer perspective to make sure you are learning the correct skills and habits from the start.
    • The habits and methods I teach work on improving your metacognitive case skills (what to do when), your problem-solving skills (how to go about the case and each individual question), and your communication (how to bring your answers across most effectively).
    • For the PEI, learn exactly what content elements are important for each dimension and how to hit all the points the interviewers evaluate, and how to communicate your stories most effectively for maximum impact. You will get out of the program with polished and strong PEI stories.
    • This program will significantly increase your chances to get an offer with McKinsey as long as you are ready to work hard on my honest feedback in-between sessions.


The program includes 5 sessions and continuous mentorship:

  • 4 real McKinsey-style cases, covering the specific question types that only McKinsey is using. The cases are twice as long so you have more opportunity to practice and I have more observation points for feedback: We take around 40 to 60 minutes for the case and 20-30 minutes for the detailed debrief (including a detailed feedback and scoring sheet with performance tracking across sessions).
  • 1 Personal Experience Interview simulation, during which we will go through 3 of your stories in great detail (3 stories per interview, one for each dimension) and I teach you what to highlight to stand out from the rest. This session usually lasts around 90 minutes with 20 to 30 minutes per story with detailed verbal and written feedback.
  • Can also be tailored to your specific needs, for instance turning the sessions into real mock interviews with 1 PEI story and a normal-length case.
  • While the program focus is on McKinsey, I can also run sessions simulating candidate-led interviews and teach you how they are different from McKinsey. Most of my McKinsey offer holders also get offers from BCG, Bain, and other firms (however, I am not actively tracking that as a success measure).
  • Regarding the spacing of the sessions, I have run the full program successfully within 4 days and within 3 months; both are outliers. I would say it's best to spread the sessions at least over 2 weeks, ideally over 4 so that you have more time to work on the feedback in-between sessions.

This is a very effective and impactful program. As one of my coachees phrased it: 

I just got an offer from Mckinsey! Florian's instructions are the MOST constructive one that I have ever seen in my 100 + case practices. I institutionalized his advice into my practices and reached to a new level. […] I will give Florian a 10/10 rating!

P.S. für deutschsprachige Kandidaten habe ich spezielle Tipps für McKinsey Deutschland.

Let's get you that offer!

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18. Mai 2021 von Sophia

I got an offer!!! Florian has been really helpful for this achievement. He explains in detail each part of the case and tells you what you have to improve and some ideas of how you can do it. I recommend Florian to anyone who wants someone to rock their interview

4 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
26. Februar 2021 von Anonym

Today was my 2nd session with Florian. Florian's coaching has been so effective that I decided to leave a review for the package right now (and I will come back to edit this after every session).

Sessions with Florian are amazing for 5 reasons:
1. He is extremely attentive and gives you very detailed feedback in the form of a Google Sheet. The sheet even contains examples of how you should approach the exact math questions in the case.

2. His coaching is focused on building up the right habits so that you come across as confident and always in control of the case, regardless of what is asked. It will take multiple sessions with peers to truly internalise these habits, but it will undoubtedly be worth it! In between my 2 sessions, I have improved tremendously and am certain that I will be bullet proof by the time we finish our sessions.

3. The cases Florian uses are very well-designed. They are quite difficult and contain many traps. This is extremely beneficial as you will make mistakes and learn how to avoid them in the future.

4. Florian goes above and beyond to help you succeed. He spent an additional 30 minutes with me on my first session to make sure I knew exactly how I performed and what I could do better.

5. He also suggested highly actionable next steps for me to train my structuring skills and internalise the habits he taught during the session outside of peer sessions.

Overall, booking sessions with Florian are definitely worth it, regardless of where you are in your casing journey!

EDIT: Just finished my 3rd session with Florian and I have improved by leaps and bounds. Again, if you're thinking of being coached by Florian, do it!

4 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
24. Januar 2022 von Julius

I received an offer from McKinsey as an EM! Florian did an amazing job providing me with strong coaching and helped accelerate my ability to learn how to present cases and PEI properly. Florian provides the full package to help you really understand what is it that interviewers really care about and doesn’t use scare tactics like you may see on YouTube videos that any tiny mistake is a fail. Its really about presenting yourself as McKinsey would expect from a consultant with strong case and personal skills.

When I reached out to Florian, I haven’t done cases in over 8 years and was very nervous since all the case books really don’t feel like they helped much. Florian tells you what to really expect and if you follow what he says it’ll drastically make your communication crisper and allow you to focus on what matters which is solving the case! In addition, Florian is extremely attentive and responds to any of your questions within a day even if it’s a simple one! The best part is he helps to connect you with other high quality case partners and I don’t think I would’ve been able to so quickly find someone who could help me grow as well on my own.

Overall, Florian will help you optimize your time and is well worth booking sessions with him. I am not sure I would’ve gotten the offer without his help and guidance.

3 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
27. Dezember 2021 von Anonym

I just received an offer from Mckinsey and I’m beyond grateful to Florian for the invaluable coaching he provided. Having been through consulting interviews in the past, I feel I was much more prepared, polished, and structured this time thanks to Florian’s coaching. I can’t recommend Florian enough and would highly recommend working with him to take your casing to the next level. Some of the factors that set his coaching apart are below:

1. Coaching on overall case flow: Florian’s coaching is structured around the different case components and is focused on repeatedly reinforcing the best practices for each component as well as the transitions between components, until it feels very natural, and you can perform them under stress. He does this through detailed feedback and difficult cases that test you well.
2. Detailed feedback: Florian provides a detailed feedback sheet with best practices and areas for improvement on each component of the cases he gives you. I found this invaluable as I could focus on hearing the feedback from him during the post case review and then go back to the sheet for more detailed information after the session. These sheets became an important part of my preparation and were critical in guiding my practice.
3. Case difficulty: Florian’s cases are generally harder than the cases you’ll find in the interviews which is great because you’ll have built strong case habits that’ll make the interview process much easier
4. Case partners: Florian coaches several highly committed and competitive candidates at the same time and connects you with them so you have very strong case partners to practice with even outside of the sessions. This was hugely important in helping me build out the habits that Florian would coach me on
5. PEI: Florian’s experience shines in helping with PEI as he was able to help me structure my stories in the right way as well as ensure that the core elements that McK is looking for are highlighted well. His feedback helped me structure even the stories that I did not speak with him about and my interviewers told me they were quite impressed with them.

Finally, Florian is an extremely supportive and flexible coach and I always felt he was invested in my success. He went out of his way to schedule calls at times convenient to me and took care to prepare for each session according to my areas of development we discussed. In addition, he was always ready to answer any question I had about any part of the process or about working with McKinsey in general and that went a long way in calming my nerves at each stage. Overall I’m very pleased I worked with him and cant recommend him highly enough.

2 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
6. September 2021 von Anonym

If you're looking for a flexible coach who gives you more confidence and a structured approach for your upcoming McKinsey interviews, I can most definitely recommend Florian as a coach! His five coaching sessions were exactly what I needed to feel well-prepared for going into the final round of interviews - despite not having too much case experience in advance - and which, in the end, helped me to succeed and get the offer!

2 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.