Road to Excellence

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--- Specific session for online test (Imbellus, SOVA, PST) available upon request, including detailed guide to approach the test--


The "Road to excellence" package has beed developed for people that have started their preparation and want to gain strong foundations in order to handle the fundamental parts of an interview. The value of the package (5 coaching session + offline material) is of 1050€/1150$, and is offered with a 20% discount.

The package will include a 360° support, that will contain:

  • 5 Coaching session & Workplan preparation
  • Dedicated case training material and homework at the end of each session
  • Access to a candidate network for practicing
  • Offline fit preparation, with a list of most common questions

The content of the 5 sessions will cover the following topics:

  1. Profit & Loss: Case and framework
  2. Market Sizing: Bottom-up and top-down approach
  3. Market entry: Case and framework
  4. M&A: Case and framework
  5. Fit interview: storyline and fit questions

NB: the sequence of the sessions is higly recommended but can be modified to address specific needs of the candidate

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