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This package includes three coaching sessions. They are most suitable for candidates who:

1). Have already practiced at least 15 cases with basic understanding on the common cases types

2). Have at least 2 weeks until the interview

3). Interviewing with McKinsey

Detailed breakdown of content for each session:

1st coaching - step by step diagnosis on case skills

In this session I will diagnose your case skill with a full mock case interview, with difficulty of a MBB 1st round case, which should be finished within 20-25 min. I will do a step by step review afterward to identify any area of improvements you may have. 

After this session, you will have a very good idea on what good performance is like and how can you get there.

2nd coaching - PEI stories diagnosis

In this session you will tell me a brief version of all your pre-written PEI stories and I will help you diagnose whether each of them is a good story to tell for each of the specific dimension. I will also use 1-2 stories as example to demonstrate how to tell PEI stories in the most effective and efficient way.

After this session, you will know how should you improve and tell your PEI stories. You will be able to finalize all stories on your own. For most McKinsey candidates, this is the only PEI session you will need.

3rd coaching - Addressing key areas of improvement

After the case and PEI diagnosis sessions, you will have good idea on what good performance is like but many candidates still find struggles on 1-2 areas on achieving that “case master status”. This session provides highly individualized drill training on your areas of struggle. 

After this session, you should be able to get rid of any hindrance between you and the offer. To ensure your success, this session should not be taken in less than 1 week from your interview, as you will need some time and practice to fix whatever issues you may have.   

I offer 50% off on additional single coaching sessions for candidates who purchase this combo.


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