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The Got your Offer Training is and end-to-end preparation package, designed for candidates looking for a fast, action-oriented and intensive preparation for consulting interviews.

The  value of the package  (4 coaching sessions + offline material such as the Integrated FIT Guide) is € 896 / $ 976 , but  is offered at -20% discount, at € 759 / $ 809.

The package encompasses:

  • Session 1: Highway privatization - Business case
    • Topic : Profitability structures
    • Key concepts:  Profitability structure, revenue streams, cost groups and deep quantitative practice.
    • Industry:  Capital Projects and Infrastructure, CAPEX
  • Session 2: Airport capacity match CASE - Business case
    • Topic:  Hypothesis-driven structures
    • Key concepts:  Cost cutting strategies, synergy calculation and complex math structure.
    • Industry:  Airline
  • Session 3: FIT preparation
    • Key concepts:  full overview of the different “question families”:
      • WHY: Why consulting? Why this company in particular? Why this role in particular?
      • BEHAVIOURAL QUESTIONS: Centered on leadership principals such as leadership, ownership, impact, bias for action, etc.
  • Session 4: ad-hoc depending on candidate's needs . Other +10 from-scratch prepared cases can be found in my profile, covering a wide range of skills (market entry, pricing structures, M&A, value chain, etc.) and industries (telco, retail, banking, etc.)
  • + Aditional material: such as the Integrated FIT Preparation Guide and additional business cases for practice.

Please reach out for personalizing your pack even further, since this is a suggestion that works for most candidates, but your case will be evaluated one-on-one!

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19. Juni 2020 von Anonym

I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is serious about getting into MBB or a career in consulting to work with Clara. She provided very insightful feedback (step-by-step) throughout our coaching session and more importantly, corrected my bad habits that may be detrimental to the real interviews. She taught me how to approach the case with a natural, holistic approach rather than blindly applying standard frameworks. For me, this is very crucial because I didn't realize I had developed a habit of mechanically applying standard frameworks to solve the cases until she brought it to my attention. Having intensive experience as an interviewer at both McKinsey and Amazon, she really knows the subtleties that separates good candidates from excellent candidates. On top of that, she is a very genuine and caring person who is very passionate in coaching!

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14. August 2021 von Anonym

Clara’s very well experienced in coaching. She knows what differentiates good candidates from great candidates, she uses PowerPoint to make her classes very well structured and easy to understand. Definitely worth the money if you want to get to the next level.

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19. Juni 2020 von Anonym

Clara is great! She helps with all aspects of case preparation with real-time and effective feedback. She also provides insight into how to improve behavioral interviewing.

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