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Revenue Projection Model for a Cosmetic Producer

Revenue Projection Model for a Cosmetic Producer Mit unseren Projektsimulationen erhältst Du einen Einblick in die Arbeit als Berater und bekommst die beste Vorbereitung auf Deinen Traumjob im Consulting!
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Developing projections in Excel are a coherent part of the consulting job as you need to know how to create financial models and mainly projections such as revenue estimations, cost estimations and so on. In this project simulation we move into the world of capital raising and entrepreneurs.

Our client is a mid-size European cosmetic producer specialized in organic skincare. The company is selling primarily in Europe and parts of Asia and is now looking to raise capital to finance its further expansion. We have been asked to develop a five-year financial projection model so that investors can get a good sense of where the company is heading to. The projection will be used as a way to measure if and how the company will be financially successful in the future.

Our job as the Analyst is to understand the company, its value drivers, its business and to create projections based on this understanding. The data will be provided to you and we ask you to develop a model first upon which we will provide feedback. After approval you can move into the step-by-step guidance.

This project simulation is primarily focused on Excel and financial modeling. This will not be complex modeling, but for strategy consulting and basically any analytical type of job you require the ability to perform financial projections. So consider this your first real experience with modeling in Excel. And no worries. Using Excel is a lot easier than you think it is.

You will learn how to quickly understand a company's important value drivers by using the Profit and Business framework. You will also learn how to develop assumptions and how to translate those into a projected Income Statement. You will also learn how to format a proper model in Excel and you will learn how to develop an extensive and comprehensive model in Excel.