Former Bain AC/SAC with experience on both sides of interview table. Received Bain and BCG offers.
Bain & Company, Goldman Sachs
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I spent three years at Bain & Company, and in addition to case work, was heavily involved in university recruiting efforts. I've conducted 50+ first- and second-round interviews and know what top consulting firms are looking for in terms of case interview talent. I can tell you what are the "make or break" skills to have in an interview, vs. those that will truly differentiate you from the competition. I can also share with you the differences between first and second round interviews, and what is expected from candidates at each stage of the process. Something I can offer that other interviewers cannot is knowing how to bounce back from failure and develop a successful case interview strategy. I interviewed for internship positions at all three MBB firms and didn't pass a single case interview. However, I spent the entire summer and following semester developing a technique and strategy that ultimately led to full-time offers at both Bain and BCG.


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