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Who should contact me?

Your goal is to get an offer from an MBB firm and you feel like you´re not quite there yet? Let me get your there! 

No matter where you are in your consulting journey and whether you´re an undergraduate, MBA, or experienced professional, contact me today and let me help you with:

  1. Your upcoming interviews at McKinsey (or another top firm), where I worked as a consultant, case coach, and interviewer
  2. Your application, which will need to make you stand out in a potential crowd of over-achievers


What do I offer?

  • Actual perspective from interviewer/CV screener: I know from experience what McKinsey and other top consulting firms are actually looking for, so let me demystify that for you
  • Interviewing:
    • Case mindset: Forget about frameworks and let me help you internalize structured thinking and top down communication and you´ll be unstoppable
    • Story telling: Personality interviews are the greatest and most misunderstood opportunity for candidates to shine, so let me help you win people over
  • Applying:
    • Resume: The perfect CV doesn´t exist but you´ll need to get pretty damn close, so let me show you the perfect balance between form, content, and language
    • Cover letter: Don´t be yet another person rehashing your CV but instead, let me help you tell a “micro story” that will make people want to read more
  • Career transition: If you´re an experienced professional and unsure about your next move, let me help you devise powerful transition strategies that will save time and money


Who am I?

I have the experience of living in 9 countries and transitioning my ~9 years professional career multiple times from technical expert to generalist at a Senior Manager level:

  • Consulting career: I worked for 2.5 years at McKinsey & Company as a Senior Consultant and part of the local Recruiting Team until August 2021
  • Current role: I currently work as a Senior Business Development Manager at a large Danish trading company
  • Past career: I used to work as a Petroleum Geoscientist in the Oil & Gas industry for 6+ years, prior to transitioning my career
  • Education: MBA from ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain & Msc in Petroleum Geoscience from University of Aberdeen, UK

Most importantly, however, I have become a passionate people leader and coach who has great empathy for the struggles one goes through in their professional lives and I genuinely want to help people.


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