Former McKinsey JEM in Casablanca, Montreal & Paris | 200+ coached | Trained interviewer | Now working in Sports
IM1872, McKinsey & Company, Freelance, Courcelles Conseil, Gawad Kalinga
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Ex-McKinsey Consultant fast-tracked to Manager, with experience across industries in 20+ countries. Particularly suited for European, North American and African markets (based in the Paris, Montreal and Casablanca offices at McKinsey).

Trained interviewer at McKinsey.

I have experience coaching 100+ candidates to McKinsey, BCG, Bain, both in groups and in individual sessions with 80+% success rate.



I can support you all along the full recruiting journey from CV/resume grooming, cover letter review, case and fit preparation, up to reviewing and selecting the best offer for you when they come on the table. I like to keep in touch with coachees even after they start their job, to follow their progress and help them navigate the world of consulting.

I only help ambitious candidates, that are ready for an intellectual challenge, to develop the skills needed not only to land the dream job, but also to be ready on day 1 and beyond. 

I can guarantee 100%-honest feedback, emotional support and a series of tips and tricks that will help you fast track on the job. 



A combination of the following, depending on your needs:

1) Preparedness assessment : quick intro discussion to understand where you are in your preparation, what your goals are, and define your preparation roadmap up to application and to interviews incl. planning on number of cases per week, networking needs, etc

2) CV and cover letter review : tailoring your messaging and formatting to consulting firms to make your application pop, and get you the interview invitation

3) Case and fit mock interviews : real-life conditions mock interviews MBB cases and fit questions. We can focus on any type of case you need (math heavy, conceptual, structuring, etc), and any type of difficulty

4) Ad-hoc sessions based on your needs : preparation progress checkpoint, offer comparison and selection, tips upon your first engagement on the job, checkpoint while on the job  


Limited offer :

4 sessions for the price of 3

2nd session : 10% discount

3rd session : 30% discount

4th session : 50% discount


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