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Ready-For-McKinsey (RFM) by Daniel
  • McKinsey-type business cases
  • McKinsey Personal Fit
  • Tailored prep guidance

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Targeted preparation for McKinsey interview

As an experienced ex-McKinsey consultant and interviewer I will give you an exact feedback on what to improve in both your case and personal fit interview performances. 9 out of 10 candidates who go through my Ready-For-McKinsey program (6 sessions: 3 cases and 3 personal fit interviews) get an offer.

If you book my program each session will cost you EUR ~280 instead of EUR 339 – see below the details on what this will include :) Also, just reach out if you have any questions, I'll be happy to chat!

Daniels Coaching-Paket
Ready-For-McKinsey (RFM) by Daniel
Beinhaltet 6 Sessions
McKinsey-type business cases
McKinsey Personal Fit
Tailored prep guidance

I am ex-McKinsey consultant and interviewer, I spent almost 4 years at the Firm. Out of these, I spent almost a year interviewing candidates on Fridays for McKinsey.

I'm coaching people to rock McKinsey interviews. My statistics speak for themselves: 90% of the candidates who went through my program, got an offer. 

If you book my program – each session will cost you EUR ~280 instead of EUR 339. This will include:

3 very diverse McKinsey-style cases, covering the most frequently asked question types: around 40 min case and 20-30 min detailed feedback from my side;

3 personal fit interview simulations, during which we will go in detail through 6 of your stories (2 stories each interview) and talk about what you should highlight in those stories to make sure you bring the best out of them during the interview.

Reach out to me to get this deal – which will bring you an offer as long as you are ready to work hard (I'm brutally honest in my feedback, so be prepared to work hard)

P.S. für deutschsprachige Kandidaten habe ich ganz viele Tips für McKinsey Germany, also hit me up :)

P.P.S. я готовлю кандидатов по-русски тоже :)

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19. Juli 2020 von Anonym

Received an offer from McKinsey as a Senior Associate along with the comment it's rare to see such high grades throughout the entire process. With a background in tech and entrepreneurship, my main challenge was knowing how to prioritize and structure my practice. Daniel gave candour feedback during the sessions, gave specific advice for drills between meetings and was even a great mental support/friend when performance anxiety made it hard to find the flow. I'd highly recommend Daniel to anyone; the program is worth the investment and I ended up having a great time with everyone interviewing me.

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30. Dezember 2020 von Max

I just finished my first case session with Daniel (Dec. 30, 2020) and it was more than I could have expected. He really wants to shape you to the #1 case cracker. I received honest and tailored feedback to nearly every sentence I said and he gave me great insights of the perspective of the Interviewer. I can strongly recommend Daniel as a coach and I´m already looking forward to our next session. I have my Interviews in about 2 weeks and today is the first day it feels like I know how to accomplish this mission - thx Daniel!

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29. Mai 2020 von Anonym

Habe ein McK Offer erhalten – dank Daniel! Kann es jedem zu 100% empfehlen, das Coaching mit Daniel zu machen. Das Programm bringt die Vorbereitung auf ein ganz neues Level und man kann anschließend relativ entspannt in die Gespräche gehen mit solidem Selbstvertrauen. Außerdem ist Daniel auch persönlich ein super Typ und eine gute mentale Unterstützung! For the English speakers: received a McK Offer thanks to Daniel and can only highly recommend him as a coach.

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24. November 2020 von Anonym

Daniel is an amazing coach, and above all an amazing person.
He is someone who gives you CONFIDENCE, which is a key factor of success through the interview process. He had the right words to lift me up while being very honest in his feedback.
For cases practise, the cases he gives you are *extremely* realistic and similar to what you will get during interviews at McK. He gives you key actions on how to acheive the required level to get the offer and his specific advice gives you a clear map on how to fill the gaps on your weaknesses.
His advice also completely made me shine in the PEI, which was highlighted to me during my interview process.
I (more than) highly recommend him. You are making the right choice by choosing him!

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1. Dezember 2020 von Olga

Just got an offer from Mckinsey and Daniel helped me a lot on this way to success.
His coaching is very effective, structured and intense. As a former Mckinsey interviewer he will prepare you well with no surprises during the interview.
I am glad I took the whole program as it designed to make you ready and with some more practicing on you own will lead to success.
This is one of the best investments, saves time and secures a very good offer that pays off already with the first salary :)

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