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I am looking to give you a real Case Interview Experience. I received offers from McKinsey, BCG and Bain and have +100 connections, including country and regional managers in these firms. 

I am looking to give you an inside view of what these companies are looking for. One thing I have to tell you is, they are not looking for robots. They are looking for creative and energetic problem solvers. 


Hence in my coaching sessions, my goal is not to "teach" you how to nail the case, but rather help you become the type of person they are looking for. In this approach, I will not give you specific structures, or types of Cases such as "a profitability problem" or an "M&A" problem. 

I will aim to show you that in its essence all of these problems are the same, and a Case Interview is all about breaking down a problem into its component parts. 

For instance, think about how you would approach the following question: "The number of trees in a region are decreasing faster than ever before, why?". Fundementally the type of thinking required to answer this question is no different than "A Company's profitability has been decreasing over the last 2 years, why"?. The context is completely different but the fundementals are the same. 

In 2-3 sessions, I will guide you towards this fundemental way of thinking, and from there you will not really need another session with me or anyone else, you will only need practice and practice and practice to make that thinking a habit. Because, when you get accepted from one of the MBB, there will be no guide telling you what "type" of problem you are about to solve. But if you have that fundemental way of thinking I am aiming to establish with you, you can crack any problem. 


Cracking the case is just a hygene factor when it comes to getting an offer from MBB. Once you crack the case, you will also need to demonstrate how you can deal with difficult clients, and situtations. You will need to portray that you are resilient and will not easlily back-down when faced with a tough situation. You will need to demonstrate that you are an "achiever" and will go the extra mile. And I believe most importantly, you will need to show that you are not a robot. Because at the end of the day, all of these firms are looking to hire their future Partners and Senior Partners, and to get there, you need more than just solving problems, you need to understand people.  

Come join. Looking forward to working with you and help you become the best you can be. 



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