The perfect preparation for an interview with consulting firms

Veröffentlicht am: 29. Oktober 2016

Before my interviews with consulting firms I applied for the Prep4Success program. Speaking to the experts - especially Sebastian - was eventually almost identical to the actual interviews. The coaches emphasized on the right topics for my actual situation and according to my personal needs, it felt very well-tailored. As I already had some experience in consulting, we focused especially on leadership and team-work. In my personal experience interview at Roland Berger they actually asked me the exact same questions. There can be no better preparation! Eventually I recieved an offer at Roland Berger and accepted it. After all, I can recommend PrepLounge to everybody looking to enter the consulting industry, in spite of the financial commitment that you have to make. Usually, you only get one chance with the top management consultancies, so you should use it efficiently and give the best you can. With the first salaries earned, the cost will be forgotten anyways.