Landed an offer at Deloitte!

Veröffentlicht am: 15. November 2016

I consider myself fortunate to come across Prep Lounge before my interviews. I was apprehensive about the benefits of the service so I asked around and got positive feedback from people who had utilized their services! Now having received an offer I cannot recommend the Prep4Success program enough. If you are a MBA student with massive loans, don't think twice about signing up if you are serious about consulting. I used the learning material on the site but never used case partners, because I had enough friends in school to practice with. However, the most beneficial experience was with the experts. They really gave me insightful feedback and helped me 'up my game'. I worked with the following experts and recommend them all: Matt, Fernando and Rebekah. Other than casing style, structuring and problem solving, I also received help around behaviorals from Rebekah. Our discussion on how to master behavoirals from a McKinsey perspective helped me nail my behaviorals for other firms as well. I consistently received feedback that my responses were great, to the point and got the message across! I eventually interviewed with three firms, received final round invites from Bain and Deloitte and received an offer from Deloitte!