I would not have even passed Round 1 without PrepLounge.

Veröffentlicht am: 3. Juni 2015

I first read Victor Cheng's book for some background and to get started. Then I came across PrepLounge videos on YouTube and decided to jump into the deep end and get real practical experience instead of theoretical and passive reading of cases. I can say with 100% conviction that I would not have even passed Round 1 let alone get an offer from BCG without PrepLounge.

As this is my 2nd time applying to Consulting, I know for sure that I was not prepared the first time and real-life practice and help from experts is the only reason I did well this time. While some people think that over-practising can make your analytical abilities go stale, I would argue that there is no such thing as too much practise and there are always mistakes and areas of improvement that you can address with each extra 45 minutes of a case interview. I would recommend using PrepLounge to anyone who is serious about getting a job in Consulting. Practise makes perfect!!