Flexible and promise of delivery

Veröffentlicht am: 22. Juli 2015

Overall Impressions

The P4S really helped me during my interviewing process. It is really a tailored program for every candidate. For example, as I told René (Talent Manager) that I was more interested in one particular company, he made sure to get me people that had true expertise in the interviewing process of this particular company.

Furthermore, René put me in contact with other candidates (via the P4S filter in the candidate listing) that we're preparing at the same time as me which enabled me to further complete my preparation.

Why I would recommend the program

  • Its promise of delivery (no fee unless I got hired as part of the the success-based option)
  • Its flexibility (I could contact the talent management team anytime to ask questions and rearrange part of my program)

Rating of interviewers

Fernando: 5/5
Great interviewer, very thorough feedback and multiple ways of improvement suggested throughout our sessions.

Jakob: 4.5/5
Very good interviewer. Not as much focusing on improvement plan as Fernando though. This is why I don't give him the same rating as Fernando.

Jacquelyn: 4.7/5
Excellent interviewer. Really in-between Jakob and Fernando. Very thorough feedback and everything. Very nice interviewer as well. It was a little bit more difficult than Jakob and Fernando to set up a meeting with her though.

Offer at:
BCG, Deloitte and zeb