Where people get the case for practice?

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Anonym A fragte am 27. Apr. 2022

Just like title, I'm curious how/where people get the case for the practice?

I know there are cases free or paid cases In PreLaunge, but I cannot imagine everyone share the same cases and repeat the same one for their practice. 

What else the resource is I can use more?

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antwortete am 28. Apr. 2022
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All of the people have given great resources. I really like Kurt's idea. I would do that as well. Make a lot of observations into case questions and then discuss them over beers with my friends while we were prepping for MBB. 

1. How can we make beer x sales double? 
2. How do we monetize all the foot traffic in a petrol pump? 
3. Why is Netflix losing customers and how do we improve it? 

And we brainstorm and talk through these. 

I also have a folder with 30-40 case books and would be very happy to share the resources with you. 

Giving away a free consultation and I would be happy to share my case prep resources and give you all my tips and tricks if you would like!

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Anonym A am 29. Apr. 2022

Hi Eishan, Thank you for you help! I'd love to ask some case libraries and tips from you. How can I reach to you?

Eishan am 30. Apr. 2022

Hi - Send me a direct message and we can take it from there. Best, Eishan

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antwortete am 27. Apr. 2022
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I totally understand your concern, but in PrepLounge there are SOOO MANY!

The best part of this case library, and what makes it distinctive vs. others, is that you find expert cases. These are introduced in a monthly basis by the different coaches, who are the people who are most connected to the consulting interviewing world. Hence, those cases are current and relevant, and worth having a look into!

I leave you here mine, in case you don´t know where to start ;)





Feel free to reach out with any doubts (another advantage of expert cases!!!)

Hope it helps!



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antwortete am 28. Apr. 2022
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Simple - google “MBA case books" and you will be positively overwhelmed with the amount of free resources out there. 

If you'd like to know which case books are “better” than others, get in touch and I'll guide you through it.

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antwortete am 28. Apr. 2022
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Hi there,

There are many methods:

  1. Google free cases
  2. Use Preplounge cases
  3. Get cases from MBA casebooks
  4. When someone cases you, get the case from them (or their cases)
  5. Get cases from a coach
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antwortete am 28. Apr. 2022
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Really good question.

Others here will share with you great resources in terms of case libraries so I will give you an alternative take.

Case interviews are intended to replicate real questions that businesses must answer for themselves. You can easily “invent” cases by being curious about businesses around you. For example
- Does my local cafe make money / are they profitable? 
- What would the global audience numbers for the latest netflix show I watched?
- Would I recommend to someone to buy the latest start up that i came across?

By doing this you can create your own questions to practice but also start to understand better the context of why we do case interviews (and this greater level of understanding will show)

Hope this helps.

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Nour Eddin
antwortete am 27. Apr. 2022
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The main purpose of doing different cases is not to familiarize yourself with all industries and all cases. It is to make you comfortable enough to tackle any case possible. Therefore, the best approach is to do ~20 cases by yourself and then move into doing mock interviews with peers/coaches. 

That being said, here are some resources I used while preparing for my interview with MBB:

1- Yale Casebook 2013

2- Case in point

3- Preplounge cases

Hope this helps! 

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antwortete am 30. Apr. 2022
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Hi there,

yes, PrepLounge has a quite extensive repository, and so do other dedicated case prep websites. Great source for free resources will also be MBA consluting club case prep books.

Feel free to reach out via PM - I have a nice collection of the latter handy - happy to share.

Regards, Andi

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Helping consulting aspirants crack the case interview and achieve thier dream job. Bain I LBS MBA I Uber I Bloomberg
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