What method do you prefer to use for your Project? Choose the one,Either Agile or Waterfall Method? which one is better?

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Alex Carter fragte am 30. Sept. 2019

Software Projects often select one of the two methods to easily complete the project without any hurdles and involve everyone to make the project successful.

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Benoît antwortete am 30. Sept. 2019
Preparating 1st round McKinsey interviews next week

Hi Alex,

Waterfall has been implemented since the 70's and is powerfull and very resilient (large projects, large # of stakeholders, traditional V cycle)

Agile has been more popular in the last 5 years as easier to implement and more reactive (ideal for start-ups, SMEs) and nowdays starts to be the most implemented one even in large PMOs.

The most combination so far is Agile with SCRUM methodologies.

Up to you to design a case with a MECE decision tree on this question ;-)

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