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What is the "entrepreneurial" part of the "entrepreneurial drive" dimension at the PEI?

Anonym A fragte am 24. Mai 2019

I have read up both on this forum and other sources, and most explain "entrepreneurial drive" as simply drive/high achievement. Where does the entrepreneurial part come in? What exactly are McKinsey measuring in this dimension?

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antwortete am 24. Mai 2019
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Hi there,

The following high-level characteristics are good to include in your Entrepreneurial Drive example:

  • Sets high aspirations for oneself
  • Expects and achieves outstanding results
  • Handles obstacles well
  • Shows signs of entrepreneurship
  • Has a willingness to take personal risks

In short, a strong example is: You set an ambitious goal, work hard to achieve it and you overcame difficulties (where you will make a deep-dive).

Needless to say, that's just a high-level summary of the core concept of Entrepreneurial Drive dimension. If you need additional support, let me know and we can arrange a coaching session for that as well.

Hope that helps!


antwortete am 26. Mai 2019
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It means were you able to go out of your way/show creativity to create impact. It does not mean whethere you started your own company



Daniel antwortete am 24. Mai 2019
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McKinsey usually explains that to you when it invites you to an interview.

Entrepreneurial drive means that you show determination, passion, and energy in pursuing your goals. In the PEI, you have to highlight at what times of your life you displayed this characteristic. Clearly, you are not required to have had your own start-up.



Serhat antwortete am 31. Mai 2019
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I think McK explains it at its website very clearly:

We look for people with an entrepreneurial spirit: innovative by nature, always creating new approaches, products, services, and technologies.


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